Fast & easy
way to
Bulk SMS Marketing
Fast & Easy
SMS Delivered in Seconds, Instant and faster than e-mail.
Cost Effective
Significantly Cheaper than other Media. Major savings in communication cost.
High Reach
Over 10 million Mobile Subscriber in Malaysia & billions of users worldwide.
Send direct and personalized marketing offers.
Great Reminder
Used in all industries from clubs to organizations.
Send appointment reminders / text bulletins to clients/ members.
Used for improved debt collection.
Send accounts outstanding reminders and prompts.
Remind customers of appointments and bookings etc.
Fast Updates
Notify customers of order status.
Send accurate job details instantly to clients / technical engineer.
1-Click Solution
Communicate with large groups of people instantaneously.
SMS Marketing
Perfect for alerts, marketing or simply communicating with staff and clients.
SMS Advertising
Update product/service details and pricing.
Private Very secure and private.
Friends & Families
Send messages to customers, friends, family, work colleagues, etc.
High Efficiency
Advertise effectively.