Unlike conventional direct marketing, technology makes profiling and reaching a customer more cost effective with marketing SMS messages and much easier to deploy. And every message sent out, through a channel that leverages technology, is intended for the customer. With relevant content, customers are less likely to tune out and may even request for more content from the company. After all, no one will ignore anything that is of value to him or her. This presents the perfect opportunity for the company to project its brand.
Direct Cost Savings
Sending out messages via SMS is inherently more cost effective as compared to traditional direct marketing avenues. For example, it cost an average of RM0.40 to post (postal, printing, paper and envelope) and RM0.30 to make a phone call. Depending on the amount of messages that you send out, our charges are extremely competitive.
With the Ansysnet SMS Portal, you have the ability to build a relationship with your customers through strong brand interactions. With SMS as the channel, customers can respond immediately to promotions, alerts and even forward the message to their friends. As their telephone numbers are captured whenever they reply to you, you can gradually build up a database of loyal customers.
You have the ability to know, in real time, the response rate to the SMS campaigns or even traditional campaigns (if the latter is tied in with wireless technology).
Personalised Customisation
SMS campaigns can be personalised to the interest or request of customers. You can build unique profiles of market segments and send the relevant marketing messages accordingly.
No setup costs
No application development costs
Real-Time impact results (Via Internet)
In matter of two weeks campaign can start
Interaction with customers (Mobile Phone Numbers)
Just logon, click and send! Who says technology is not easy to use?
Pay when you use